Friday, May 4, 2012

Sexy Chocolate & Romantic Roses

Welcome to this stop on the blog hop!  As a big lover of all things both chocolate and roses, I'm going to give you a bit of both.  First up is a personal story about roses, and then you get a treat - a sneak peek at my WIP, which involves melted chocolate in very naughty places.....
To begin, I'm going to go sickeningly sweet and tell you about my wedding.  My husband and I dated in Minneapolis.  Frigid, right?  So we'd go to the Como Conservatory in the winter to thaw out for a little while and look at the beautiful plants.  It became our special place.
When he proposed (by singing to me in a restaurant, with a dozen red roses), we immediately decided to get married at the Conservatory.  In January, because we're just crazy that way - but at least we could promise our guests they'd be warm...for the half hour the ceremony laste, at any rate.  That reflecting pool you see was lined with red and purple roses and tulips, echoed in my bouquet.  Now every year for our anniversary, we give each other roses and tulips.   Remember - romance doesn't end once the wedding ring goes on!

On to the chocolate goodness!  Book one of my Chicago wedding trilogy, Planning for Love, releases on August 1.  Which means I'm just about finished writing book two, A Fine Romance.  The hero is a gourmet chocolatier.  So when I started writing the big love scene, I knew chocolate had to be involved.  Here's a NSFW snippet:
“What are you up to, Sam?”
            “Close your eyes and you’ll find out.”  The minute she obeyed, he pulled a squirt bottle out of the pan of warm water on the stove.  He soooo wanted to stand out from any other guy who’d been lucky enough to see her naked.  For their first time, by-the-numbers sex wouldn’t be enough.  Sam intended to give her an experience she’d never forget. 
           With the same careful precision he used to create the intricate basket weave designs on  wedding cakes, he squeezed the warm, melted chocolate onto her breast in a heart shape.  Then he opened his mouth around that creamy mound and began to lick.  The thick stickiness of the chocolate made him rasp his tongue a little harder as he swirled up, down and around.  Every stroke lashed against her nipple, which instantly hardened to a delicate point.  Mira locked her legs back around his waist.
          That’s…oh my…you know how to get me from zero to sixty in about one heartbeat,” she said breathlessly.  “God, Sam, I feel it everywhere.  Like you crawled into my bloodstream and are licking every inch of my body at once.”
          “Good.”  He was reduced, yet again, to monosyllables.  With his concentration split equally between pleasuring Mira and not exploding like a virgin from the sheer sweetness of her, Sam couldn’t spare any brain power to talk.  He squeezed out another fat drop of chocolate sauce, this time right on the pale pink tip of her other nipple.  Sensitized at this point, she squirmed against him.  Enjoying the view, he waited, and squeezed out another drop. 
          “Please, Sam,” she begged.

Now that I've got you craving chocolate (and maybe my tall, dark and yummy hero!), I shall reward you with the possibility of winning a book!  If you follow this blog and comment, I'll enter you in a drawing to win an e-copy of any of my books - your choice.  They're all displayed on the left of the blog.  I'll announce the winner on May 10th.  In your comment, let me know (because book three of my trilogy centers around a florist - I consider this serious research) what your favorite flowers are to receive in a bouquet.  If not roses, then what?

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  1. Yellow roses are my favorite.

  2. I love deep orange roses - hard to find but sooo beautiful.
    Happy Hopping
    Camile Carson

  3. Orange/peach roses are my favourite but I've been on this kick where I absolutely adore Daisies.

  4. Lavender - love at first happened to me once but it didn't last!!! Yellow with orange is pretty cool

  5. My favorite roses are the kind where the petals reddish on the outside and lighter cream or yellow on the inside. Here's a link to a photo that shows what I mean...

  6. I'm not a cut flower fan. Would rather have a rose bush than a rose. But if I had to say, it's hard to beat red roses. Rita Bay

  7. I love purple roses, ah, I need thousands of them! Next fav would have to be orange, they're so cheery and happy!