Friday, May 18, 2012

Growing the Writer's Toolbox

At first, I figured that all I needed in order to write a book was my imagination.  That might've been enough to get me motivated, but definitely not enough to get published.  I slowly learned that it truly does take more than just a keyboard in order to write.

The first thing I added to my writer's toolbox was a critique group.  They found my errors, and I learned alot from theirs.  Next came conferences and meetings.  Then books upon books.  Now, with five completed and published books, you'd think my toolbox complete, right?

Ah, but don't forget that we live in an age of technological marvels.  Last night I sat through a presentation on Scrivener.  It is a computer program specifically designed for writers.  Currently I lug around stacks of index cards.  Multicolored printouts of powerpoint presentations.  Scribbled notes and internet pages.  The glory of Scrivener is that it takes all that away from me, puts it in one place with links and templates and calendars and word count goals and every possible tool a writer needs.  It can help you keep a story bible for a series, and links and footnotes. 

Plotter or pantser, Mac or PC, this tool will help you write, structure and revise.  Check it out: .  Can you write a book without it?  Of course.  But as new and exciting tools become available, we owe it to ourselves to stay current and informed.  And very possibly intrigued.

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  1. I love it too! I started the trial 3 weeks ago and am definitely buying. I wrote a short story on it already, and then I used it to write out scene ideas on the cards. Then Monday I started fast drafting it. Now 18k words into it I'm loving it. I use the word count timer a lot. Also if I get stuck I just click onto the next scene card and keep typing. I'll worry about transitions during revision....