Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Honeymoon With My Brother - Weekly Book Recommendation

This week's book recommendation is a memoir that would be a terrific read over the long holiday weekend.

Just days before his wedding, Franz Wisner's fiance dumped him.  But why waste a good party?  So he still did the whole 3 day wedding extravaganza, buoyed by the presence of his closest friends and family.  The honeymoon to Costa Rica was already booked, so he dragged along his brother.  Here's where the story really takes off.

They had such a good time - and Franz was smarting from recently been demoted at work - that he convinced his brother to quit his job.  They both sold their houses and took off on a two year globe-trotting adventure. 

Their travels take them all over the world.  But this isn't just a travelogue.  It is raw and honest and funny, and about relationships and personal growth as much as it is unusual cuisine and different cultures.

Spoiler alert - if you feel bad for the poor, dumped groom, he does fall in love again - in his second memoir, How the World Makes Love.

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