Tuesday, May 8, 2012

American Wife - A Riveting Read!

I spent this Sunday touring the West Wing of the White House - so fabulous!  It put me in the mood to recommend a riveting book about a fictional First Family.
First of all, no matter what your political leanings may be, you will enjoy this book.  Yes, it does loosely draw from the life of Laura Bush.  But only as a jumping-off point.  It is about the woman and her relationships, both with her powerful in-laws and her boisterous husband.  It is NOT about politics.

A detailed and fascinating peek behind the closed doors of America's ruling class, it mixes truth and fiction seamlessly.  You will not be able to tear yourself away - both from the scenes in the White House, but equally fascinating, the scenes where she confronts the reality of her marriage.  Especially what it does and doesn't contain.

Narrated in first person, there is a sweeping grandeur to the subject matter that is juxtaposed with intimate reflections.  It is thought provoking and moving and all the characters are wonderfully complex.  I urge you to add it to the top of your must-read pile.

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