Thursday, February 16, 2017

New WITSEC Series Announcement!

I Have A New Series!!!!!!!
My awesome new publisher, Avon Impulse, is excited about this three-book series, too. Want to know what it is about?
See my hint? Wait - let's take a moment to sigh over the awesomeness of one of the best written and best acted shows EVER. So hint #1 = mobsters.
my blue heaven
Except, you've all read my stuff. I'm not that dark and angsty girl. So my mobsters - ex-mobsters, actually - are a lot more light-hearted. More fish out of water funny, since they are in Witness Protection in a small town that they just do _not _ understand.
But my heroes - they are not like Steve Martin. Do not worry. They are far more in the vein of Han Solo. Bad boys with a heart of gold. Sexy as sin. Droolworthy and delicious. Three big city, bad boy brothers hiding from their mobster pasts struggle to fit into a small town but danger follows, putting their new futures - and their new relationships - at risk. So below (all subject to editorial change, of course!) is the lowdown on my bad boys - and look for the 1st book by this time next year!
Bad Boys Gone Good: Tiny and quirky coastal Bandon, Oregon—known for its cranberry festival and cheese—is the last place anyone would look for three brothers on the run from the Chicago Mob. At least, that’s what the US Marshals Service hopes. Rafe Maguire reached out voluntarily, asking to get his family put into witness protection. Staying in it, though…that’s not so easy. Their new, undercover lives don’t fit right. And fitting in is the only way to keep them safely hidden. There’s still a hefty sum of hidden cash waiting for them back in Chicago. Will falling in love be enough to keep them on the straight and narrow?
Too Bad To Love: Feeling indebted to the people who helped raise her, Dr. Mollie Vickers gave up a lucrative city career to practice medicine back home. She loves what she does, but her tiny Oregon town doesn’t allow for many dating options. And then a dangerously handsome mechanic she’s never seen before rescues her from a flat tire on the side of the road…
Rafe Maguire resents the hell out of having to run and hide. But he has brothers to protect, brothers he’d die for, which means they have to make things work in the latest podunk town where WITSEC dumped them--or else they’re out of the program. The last thing he needs is a woman complicating his life further, especially a do-gooder doctor he meets on the job. It shouldn’t matter that her body revs his engine and her smile thaws his long-frozen heart. No, it shouldn’t matter at all. It can’t.
Mollie starts to fall for the man who looks rough, talks tough, but takes the time to straighten out her hooligan cousin. She falls even harder as he weaves himself into the fabric of her beloved town. Rafe’s got his hands full with two pissed-off brothers to keep in line, a U.S. marshal watching their every move, and a new life - that doesn’t fit him at all - to somehow embrace. And yet Dr. Do-Gooder’s tender care of Rafe earns his loyalty and heats his blood. But Rafe can’t risk trusting Mollie with his secrets.
Their mind-blowing sex turns into something more. When she learns the truth, will Mollie choose to protect her town - and her heart - or take a chance at love with an ex-mobster who might not be as reformed as he thinks?
Too Bad Together Flynn Maguire looked - on paper - like a successful businessman. And he was - both at running a construction company and using it to launder money for the mob. Until they turned on him. .Now he’s starting over in a new town, forced into hiding by gangsters seeking revenge, and stuck bar tending. Which at least gives him plenty of time to stare at the pretty waitress with secrets in her eyes.
Sierra Woodley is on the run from a very big mistake - falling for the wrong guy. Who used her art to do something very illegal. All she wants is to stay hidden until she figures out what to do...and how to stay out of jail. Except she’s recently discovered that she wants something else. Or rather, someone else. The hot, brooding bartender who always treats her as gently as if she’s made of spun sugar.
The chemistry between Sierra and Flynn can’t be ignored. Neither can the fact that they’re both hiding pretty much their entire lives from each other. But can the heat between them last once the truth is out?
Too Bad To Handle Kellan Maguire was only a semester away from becoming a lawyer and fulfilling a deathbed promise to his dad when everything changed. Now he's on the run from the mob, living a secret life in an armpit of a town and working as a caddy. He’s mad as hell at his criminal brothers for lying to him about, oh, everything. The only bright spot is their U.S. Marshal handler. Yeah, he wants to handle her....a lot.
Federal Marshal Delaney Evans has protected a lot of bad, dangerous men. But the Maguire brothers are a whole different level of dangerous. Dangerously hot, to be specific. And in spite of all the rules it would break, she secretly fears she’d risk everything for one night with Kellan. Because the man is irresistible.
One night that is totally wrong turns into more nights that feel so right. But Kellan’s life is in danger when the mob tracks him down. Delaney’s career, her entire world, could implode if she admits how important he is to her. And all that is before the biggest complication of all hits…...

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February FREE For All

Check out the February FREE for All & Giveaway 2/5-2/9!
85 Romance Authors are offering 89 books...
Most of them are FREE for a limited time. It's just our way of thanking our loyal
Even better, we've pooled our funds to offer an awesome giveaway!
Enter to win a Kindle and Amazon Gift Cards just for subscribing to our newsletters
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Here's the link to the February FREE for All & Giveaway:
My book in there? A very fun backstage romance.

Linnea Larson is willing to do anything to keep her family’s Minneapolis dinner theatre from going under. Anything, that is, besides accepting a date from the Hollywood hunk hired to inject a dose of star power into their production of Guys & Dolls. It’s a toss up whether his greatest claim to fame is playing a superhero on screen, or a super stud off screen. Neither fact convinces her he’s got what it takes to share her stage.

Luke Powell has fame, fortune, and an endless string of women, but also a lingering dissatisfaction with his picture perfect life. Looking for a change, he escapes to his theatrical roots. What he finds are wary cast mates, a nervous best friend convinced the show will ruin Luke’s career, and an adorable costar who stubbornly refuses to go out with him. Suddenly singing and dancing aren’t the only challenges he’ll tackle over the summer. 

Despite Luke dragging her into his daily paparazzi nightmare, Linnea can’t deny her mounting attraction to his irresistible charm. And even if she’s crazy enough to chance getting involved, their fling would have a guaranteed expiration date. He’s headed back to Hollywood at the end of the run, and she's tied to her family's theatre. Why risk the inevitable heartbreak? Their job is to act like they’re in love, but will they decide it's worth the leap to fall in love for real?

Monday, January 16, 2017

Another Naked Man - Meet the Mysterious Logan!

Release day is here (or it will be in 6 hours)! I can't wait for all of you to meet Logan, my semi-tortured and totally sexy hero.
Pre-order with #1click to get on your device when you wake up tomorrow! Amazon:
Logan Marsh never stays in one place for long. Through his family’s foundation, Logan spends his days traveling to the world’s most dangerous places to deliver disaster relief, which really puts a damper on his sex life—until he reconnects with his high-school crush. Stranded together in the Caribbean, they enjoy a steamy fling that awakens feelings Logan has ignored for too long. But family drama calls him away from her sweet embrace . . . or so he thinks.
Brooke Gallagher loved being a home economics teacher and cheerleading coach. Then an unexpected tragedy forced her to take some time off. Now she’s back in D.C. and despite the intensity of her tropical encounter with Logan, she’s shocked to bump into him again. Logan’s dealing with his own issues (including a newly discovered half-sister) and he’s itching to get back on the road. More than anything, Brooke wants to be there for him. But first, he has to decide if love is enough to keep him in one place.
Sneek peek excerpt:
“We agreed, back on the island, to have a one-time fling. Because that’s all I’m good for. And now, yeah, I’m pretty sure we are in a relationship. Which I don’t know how to do. Which I didn’t want, because I don’t want to hurt you. And despite all that, I can’t stay away from you. Can’t stop thinking about you. Can’t stop craving you. Can’t stop wanting to share things with you. I can’t stop falling deeper and deeper for you. I don’t understand it, I don’t know how to deal with it. But I can not resist you.”

“Ditto,” she said, the word more breath than sound.

Without saying anything more, Logan’s lips landed on her neck. They seared a line from her collarbone, up to her ear, and once his hand shoved aside her hair, across her ultra-sensitive nape. A full-body chill made her jump.

Logan clearly took that as a sign to proceed. His hips surged forward, trapping her against the window. Not that there was anywhere else on earth that Brooke would rather be. The hard proof of his instantaneous arousal jerked against the small of her back.

His words had more than soothed her ruffled feathers. They’d wrapped around her heart like a velvet hug. They’d unlocked all of the feelings Brooke had been tamping down, out of fear that they wouldn’t be reciprocated. The future didn’t matter. Not right now, anyway. What mattered was that they cared for each other. A lot.

So Brooke abandoned herself to the intoxicating rush of sensation everywhere Logan’s body touched hers. Which was, indeed, everywhere. The towel covered little of him. And she didn’t want it to cover any of him anymore. So she yanked at its edge. Hard. Felt a rush of satisfaction when it swooshed to a puddle on the dark floor.

Logan chuckled, dark and dirty, right in her ear. “That’s how this is gonna go? You’re gonna try to rush me? Rush my thorough and proven mad lovemaking skills?”

“I don’t need skills.” Brooke reached around to grab his fine—and finally bare—ass. “I don’t need to be seduced again.” Then she dug her fingernails in just enough to make sure he got her urgency. “I just need you.”

“Sweetheart, it’s impossible for me to do this without seducing you all over again, every damn time. But there’s more than one way to do it.” Logan bit down on the curve of her neck. At the same time, he thrust one hand up the loose edge of her lemon-colored handkerchief top to cup her breast. His other hand wedged under her waistband to cup her. To cup her so intimately that a deep shudder ran through Brooke’s body.

God, she was more than halfway there, and she was the one still wearing clothes.

He squeezed, alternating hands, in a rhythm that had Brooke swaying and grinding against him in almost a dance. The whole time his lips kept sucking at the sensitive flesh along her nape. Brooke wanted to feel all of Logan’s skin that she’d just bared. But it didn’t seem the best use of her hands right at the moment. Instead, she slammed her palms against the glass to give her leverage to press into his touch. And hooked her ankle around his calf to connect them at yet another juncture. Just that tiny bit of rough hair against her skin upped Brooke’s arousal.

Everyone she’d slept with prior to Logan had been the same type: polished, urbane, a little too slick and/or earnest. Guys who need the frame of a suit hanging off of them to give them the proper manly shape and swagger. Logan needed nothing. He was rugged. Muscled. Masculine to the nth degree. So darned sexy that, yes, his calf hair turned her on. Which she’d never known to be a thing until this very moment.

Logan abruptly let go. Before she could complain, he undid the knot holding her top at her neck. It slid to the floor a second ahead of the skirt he thumbed over her hips. Then he banded an arm across Brooke’s stomach and lifted her off her feet. The move pushed a gasp of surprise from between her lips. He carried her from the window back over to the couch as she took advantage of the position to press a line of kisses along his jaw.

He spun her in mid-air so that she landed on her back. Logan moved the deep orange pillow against the high arm, and then pulled, hands beneath her knees, until her butt rested on it, leaving her spread wide for his hungry stare.
“You want me? You’ve got me, Brooke. I didn’t expect it, and I sure don’t know what to do about it. But you’ve got me now. So take me.”

Thursday, December 22, 2016

99 Cent Sale on a HOT Contemporary Romance!

I've got a Christmas treat for you - Wanting It All is discounted to only 99 cents. That is mere pennies! It costs so little that you will have no guilt scooping it up for yourself in the run up to the holiday. You deserve this treat.
In the follow-up to Risking It All, hailed by Lauren Layne as “the perfect escapist read,” the heartthrobs of the Naked Men blog and podcast get a little too real about friendship, love, and sex. For one wealthy bachelor, the trouble starts when all three collide. . . .
After narrowly surviving a bus crash in high school with his best friends, science geek Knox Davis resolved to become so successful that he could have anything and everything he wants. Now he’s ├╝ber-wealthy, a huge business success, and a notorious ladies’ man. Knox refuses to limit himself to one woman, but when his latest conquest—a blond beauty from the Alaskan bush—challenges his superficial ways, Knox begins to see the world through her eyes, and finds he likes what he sees.
A nurturer at heart, Madison Abbott wants to put down roots. She left Alaska to meet Mr. Right—and to track down Logan, the half-brother she’s never met. Instead, she finds Knox. Although the sexy-as-sin bachelor may not seem like marriage material, Madison’s starting to think that Knox is The One. But Knox refuses to settle down, especially once he learns that Madison is his best friend’s little sister. Now it’s up to her to convince Knox that she’s everything he really wants.
Purchase at: Amazon / B&N / Kobo / iBooks
A naughty-list excerpt.... 

“I don’t think we’re going to be done fighting for a very long time.” And wasn’t that fun to contemplate?
 “Let’s call this a time-out.”

“The sex break that refreshes?” 

“As the lady wishes.” Abruptly his hands went beneath her ass, supporting her. Knox swung in a half circle to deposit her back on the white cushions. When he set her down, his hands stroked up her sides . . . taking the sundress with them.

Wow. He’d bared her to his burning gaze in less than two seconds. That was a move and a half. Smooth. Fast. And in the time it took her to process it, Knox shucked his jacket, his polished loafers . . . and his pants.

His pants? Already? “Isn’t there an order to these things?” Especially since his shirttails covered up everything but the hem of his boxer briefs. “Shirt, then pants, so I can look my fill before I’m blinded by the majesty of your sure-to-be-enormous penis?”

“I like that. Spot-on description, by the way.” His teeth flashed in a toothpaste ad grin. “There’s a plan.”

“Aha. I figured as much. An MIT alum probably approaches sex with the scientific method. Plans. Charts.”

“My cleaner’s complained about how hard it is to get ground-in dirt out of linen pants.” Knox dropped to the deck. “And I need to be on my knees to do this.”

Then his face was buried in her cleavage while both thumbs rubbed circles over her instantly erect nipples. No. Wait. Madison needed to be precise, to mentally record every second to savor when she was ninety . . . or to savor in three months while alone in bed on a Saturday night.

Knox’s end-of-day scruff, rough against the sensitive skin of her inner breasts, contrasted with the wet smoothness of the up-and-down laps his tongue made in the valley between them. Each sensation alone would’ve been great. In tandem, they were fantastic. But topped off by the light thumb rasp across her nipples, it became a trifecta of pleasure. Forget sex. She’d be perfectly happy if he kept doing just this all night.

“Don’t stop,” she ordered. To make that point clear, Madison threaded her fingers into his hair and held him in place.

It didn’t work. He lifted up just enough to talk, but it was too far to maintain contact. “Who said anything about stopping? I’m just getting started.”

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt!

Displaying WinterWonderland2016_BigSplash.jpg

Hi Readers,

I've got a treat for you. I'm one of the sponsors of the Night Owl Reviews WINTER WONDERLAND Scavenger Hunt.

During this event I'm going to help you find some great new books. Make sure to check my featured title out along the way.

The grand prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The total prize pool is over $900.

And don't forget that I have not one, but TWO Christmas novellas to also help you celebrate the season! 

 Becca Huntley's produced the Lyndale Park Players' over-the-top Christmas show for ten years. It's a beloved Minneapolis tradition, and the theater's main fundraiser. But this year's production is in danger of being canceled when their director disappears into rehab. Good thing his directing partner steps in to save the day. Except for the minor fact that he hates everything about Christmas.

Jack Whittaker wiped this town off his shoe with his graduation tassel and never looked back. But duty compels him to fulfill Tyler's promise to direct the show. Even though it means working with Becca, the girl he always wanted, lost to Ty, but never forgot.
It'll take more than a few handfuls of tinsel to soften Jack's heart toward Becca's favorite holiday. Steamy kisses that melt the snow right off his boots are a step in the right direction. They'll both discover that Christmas is about making each other's dreams come true. But will it require sacrificing their chance at a happily-ever-after together?

Caitlin McIntyre's heart stops when her best friend drops to one knee and proposes. Kyle Lockhart never once hinted over the years that he has any idea she's in love with him. Not wanting to jeopardize their friendship, she's never let it slip. Good thing, too, since it turns out he's only practicing—he's about to propose to someone else.
A business merger might not be the most romantic reason to propose to a woman he barely knows, but Kyle's determined to win the respect of the dying father who's never seen him as quite good enough. Kyle's always depended on Caitlin's friendship, while trying to ignore the physical response she arouses. So he turns to her when it comes time to craft his proposal, not realizing his decision will affect their relationship, forever.
This Christmas, Kyle and Caitlin get one last chance to admit their feelings for each other, and find a mutual happily ever after, before he commits his life to another woman and Caitlin leaves town and him…for good.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Adult Coloring Book Awesomeness!

Laura Kaye’s HEARTS & INK, the adult coloring book inspired by her award-winning and bestselling novels releases today! Thirty exciting and original designs will inspire, relax, and entertain fans old and new! Grab your pencils and crayons and get ready to read - and color - hard!

A Note from Laura:

Friends! I am so excited to share that I’ve worked with the awesome Jessica Hildreth at Creative Book Concepts to design my first adult coloring book based on my bestselling books! HEARTS & INK features 30 original designs with quotes from the books, iconic images, and fun backgrounds that I hope will excite long-time fans and intrigue new-to-me readers! I drew the title from my two bestselling series: the HEARTS in Darkness Duet and the Hard INK books! But you’ll also find pages from my new Raven Riders and Blasphemy series, my older paranormal series (the Hearts of the Anemoi based on Greek mythology, my Vampire Warrior Kings series, and my stand-alone novel, Forever Freed). Plus an absolutely gorgeous page from my historical fiction, America’s First Daughter (written as Laura Kamoie). So there’s a lot here to explore and color!


COLOR/POST/WIN GIVEAWAY CONTEST! For your chance to win one of 5 $10 Amazon or B&N gift cards, simply COLOR a page from my coloring book, POST it to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #HeartsandInk by November 30 at midnight EST, and look for my posts on December 1 to see if you won!


About the Hearts & Ink Adult Coloring Book:

New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Kaye invites you to immerse yourself within her fictional worlds with this adult coloring book inspired by her award-winning and bestselling novels. Thirty exciting and original designs will inspire, relax, and entertain fans old and new! Featuring book quotes and a variety of simple and intricate designs with lots of colorable space, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So grab your pencils and crayons and get ready to read - and color - hard!

Order on Amazon

  laurakaye-34-crop-2About Laura Kaye: Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over twenty books in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense, including the Hard Ink and upcoming Raven Riders series. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.  

Monday, October 31, 2016

A Second Chance, Sexy Cruise Romance!

That's right, I'm dropping a surprise book! Okay, truth be told, it is a re-release of one of my very early books, but to steal from NBC in the 90s - if you haven't read it yet, it's new to you! (and it has a MUCH more gorgeous cover this time) This is a super fun second chance romance that takes place on a Caribbean cruise. Pre-order today at Amazon and it'll hit your Kindle on 11/15, just in time for those long holiday travel times. 

Can an unexplained breakup and ten years of heartache be cured by the romance – and endless buffets – of a tropical cruise? When her sister is left at the altar, small town librarian Zoe Balis jumps at the chance to take the bride’s unused ticket for the honeymoon cruise. But she didn't count on sharing a cabin with the man who broke her heart ten years ago! 

Army medic Nate Hyatt never told Zoe goodbye when he enlisted - or the real reason why he dumped her on prom night. And he never stopped dreaming about the girl he left behind. Could this voyage be a chance to fix his worst mistake? After all, a Caribbean cruise should be romantic… if he can convince her to move past ten years of bitterness and hurt.

Once aboard the luxury liner, Zoe befriends a bored Internet mogul with more heart than tact. Nate vents his problems to a ship’s photographer battling PTSD. The four team up on an island hopping treasure hunt. The stakes grow higher with each of Zoe’s mysterious brushes with death. Zoe’s never gotten over her first love, and is tempted to let Nate back into her life. But she’s not willing to risk loving a man whose career keeps him in a combat zone. Can Nate breach her defenses and suture her broken heart? Grab a deck chair and see if they survive the stormy relationship seas as they cruise toward love.

"Did you stop kissing me because you weren’t enjoying it? You see, I’ve dealt with the first time you rejected me, when you left all those years ago. There’s no need to rehash the past. But I don’t think I could bear you rejecting me a second time. So I have to know—did you not take me to bed the other night because I didn’t turn you on, or was it because I somehow wasn’t good enough at it?" 

The world stood still while she waited for his answer. Zoe focused on the squawk of sea gulls and the muted slap of the surf at the base of the wall. The lyrical lilt of Spanish from the group of teenagers passing by. A low buzz which must be some exotic insect in the shrubbery along the path. Every sound in her immediate vicinity rang with absurd clarity—except the sound she waited on with bated breath—Nate’s reply. 

"If you still don’t want me, just say so, damn it!" she burst out.

Was it anger that hardened the lines of his body? Disinterest? Annoyance? Zoe couldn’t get a read on him. Nate advanced slowly. She backed into the turret, the space tight and cramped even for her stature. Built for the far shorter men of an earlier century, Nate had to duck his head as he edged ever closer. His sheer presence commanded as much area as his physical body. Something, some emotion rolled off him in waves, shimmering like heat above asphalt on a summer day. Why couldn’t she tell what was going on in his head? 

"The sky is blue," said Nate, his face separated from hers by only a breath. 
Huh? "Is that a military thing? Are you talking in code?" 

"The sun rises in the east. Play with fire and you’ll get burned. These are all absolute truths. Indisputable facts. Well, there’s one more absolute you need to file away in your mental card catalog." 

Nate brought the lower half of his body so close Zoe felt the heat radiating from his legs. Despite the heat, her goose bumps had goose bumps. The anticipation of his touch brought her every sense to high alert. He raised his arms up, planted his hands on either side of her head to cage her in place. Then he tilted so his forehead bumped hers. Her field of vision narrowed to the indigo sea of his eyes, pupils flooding black in the shaded darkness of the narrow turret they shared. 

"I want you, Zoe." He forced the words out in a heavy rasp. "I wanted you the day we met. You wore a red ribbon in your hair, dropped a stack of books on my foot, and apologized adorably for ten minutes. All I could think of was wrapping the ribbon around my hand to pull you in for a kiss. I wanted you the first time we kissed, on the bridge in a storm. One by one, I licked off every raindrop that clung to your skin. I wanted you when I saw you covered in mud last Friday. Wanted you badly enough to crawl right into the mud to be with you. I want you now, and I will always want you." 

Zoe let her eyes flutter shut in preparation for a kiss. Such a heartfelt, utterly romantic speech could only end one way. Just as whipped cream hungered for a cherry, his words demanded to be topped off by a kiss. She didn’t care about the past. With a handful of sentences he’d put her insecurities to rest. Nate dazzled her, and she was ready for more. 

What was taking him so long? From beneath her lashes she snuck a peek. No Nate. Hoping the knees he’d melted to jelly would hold her, Zoe scrambled out onto the dirt path. Twenty strides ahead, Nate bellowed at her over his shoulder. "Hurry up. We don’t want to miss the reading of the clue."
From confusion to relief with paper hearts dancing overhead...right back to confusion, all in less than five minutes. Zoe trudged after him with one thought uppermost in her mind—now what?