Thursday, August 7, 2014

Take an $0.89 Trip to the Beach Between the Pages of LOVE AT HIGH TIDE

The summer fling is a storyline revisited in movies all the time, guaranteed to instill vacation lust as well as the old-fashioned sexy kind. Remember the sweeping lake views in Dirty Dancing, the careening scooter ride past ruins and statues in Roman Holiday, and of course, Grease, which kicked off with a great beach montage? To me, a big part of the allure of summer fling stories is that they give you a mini-vacation from the squishy comfort of your couch. And they only cost five dollars, as opposed to nearly a thousand dollars once you add up the flight, hotel, and three meals a day.

Don’t get me wrong—anyplace a hot guy flashes a smile is a good enough place to have a fling. In fact, I once had a delightfully sweet summer fling that consisted solely of days in the crowded commissary and asphalt parking lot of Universal Studios. But to my mind, the absolute best place for a summer fling is a beach. The whole point of a beach is to walk around nearly naked all day and have people rub lotion/oil on you. It is sooo inherently sexy it is like a writer taking creativity-laced candy from a baby half-buried in the sand.

Love At High Tide isn’t just a love story. It is a story that share my absolute idolization of a spending a week at the beach. My husband prefers the mountains—and they’re lovely, too—but for me, nothing says summer like sand between my toes and an umbrella overhead. My heroine agrees:
Finally. Since time immemorial humanity had been searching for it, and she, Darcy Trent, had finally found Eden. This wasn’t merely an educated guess on her part. Raised by an archeologist and an ancient worlds specialist, she’d quite literally cut her teeth (to her parents’ shock and dismay at her reckless disregard for leaving drool on antique texts) on all things dusty, old and priceless. With two degrees in cultural anthropology under her belt—soon to be followed by the coveted third, which would enable her to precede her name forever with the all-important title of doctor—Darcy could quite rightly claim decades of study and research had led her to this all-important, incontrovertible discovery. She closed her eyes to savor the moment.
“A seagull just pooped on my toe.”
Darcy’s eyes popped back open. Trina, her best friend since their matching-pigtail days, sat on a watermelon pink and green towel, surveying the toe in question with a glum look.
Darcy slid a little lower in her beach chair and sighed. “Trina, I’m having a moment here.”
“And you can go back to your magic moment once I rinse off my toe. Come with me.”
Yup, reality had a perfect track record for slapping Darcy in the face the second she let her guard down. Evidently Ocean City, Maryland wasn’t cut out to be Eden after all. But it sure felt like it.
The beach is all about sensuous feelings; silken sand underfoot, a warm breeze, sun baking into your skin, water swirling around you. Add a hot guy to that mix and you have the basic ingredients for a great summer fling. And from now through August 10, it is only $0.89 - so click here to grab your copy!

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