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Six Sentence Sunday!

Ah, the first kiss.  Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, often unexpected.  Today's excerpt is from my recently released book, Cruising Toward Love.  At least, it should be their first kiss, but a few things go wrong the second before their lips touch.  Here's the moment where it is all still good....

Reed laced his fingers tighter through her hair, tilted her head back to get the angle just so. This could be his only shot at tasting her, and he didn’t intend for it to be anything less than perfect. He might not be the bad boy she imagined, but he knew his way around a pair of lips. Eagerly he lowered his mouth to hers, but stopped a hair’s breadth away. Reed waited.  Sure enough, her lips parted in anticipation.


Zee Monodee

Love the tension building up in this! Good job :)

Laura Kaye

Oh, yum, love the description and the intensity!

Carly Fall

Loved "knew his way around a pair of lips." LOL!
Nice six, and have a great holiday!

Ginger Simpson

Captured to perfection. Ah, those awesome tummy butterflies. :)


I love reliving this book through SSS. It's fantastic!

Sandy N.

Good description -- nice and slow with lots of detail and plenty of time to savor the anticipation. Good job.

I want to let you know that I bought this last week based on your six, and it did not disappoint! This was a great scene, poor Reed! Your characters were really well drawn and I loved the humor...

Vivien Dean

Great use of tension. Thanks for sharing

Karysa Faire

My lips were parted, too. Oops, I think I really got into those six sentences! :-)

Eleri Stone

Gotta love a man who knows his way around a pair of lips ; )

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