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Six Sentence Sunday!

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!  Today's excerpt is from Chapter Six of Cruising Toward Love (which coincidentally, makes a great stocking stuffer!).  Callie gets one look at the ship's photographer and instantly wants more...

“Yummy. Do you mind if I call dibs?” Callie asked as they crossed the gangplank.
“I think you already did. Looked to me like you not only called dibs, but boxed him up, added a bow, and expect him to arrive in your stateroom right along with your luggage.”
“The brochure said, and I quote, this ship will cater to your every need. And my need is for a tall, slightly nerdy hunk.” Callie winked.


Ginger Simpson

Love the humor and I want to sail with them. Thanks for sharing.

Loni Lynne

Hey, it says 'cater to your every need' . . . go for it! Hugs to you, Sweetie! :)


"tall, slightly nerdy hunk"... makes me want to know more.

Lila Munro

Callie sounds like fun! I'd go on a cruise with her...

Love this 6! I can already tell I'll enjoy this story (I like this kind of writing - quirky humor - and love me a nerdy hunk!)

Okay, I had to buy it!

Stephanie Dray

I love this and it cracks me up because the last time Adam and I were on a cruise we were watching a commercial for a more expensive line and I swear they were promising sexual favors and more... :p

Ohhh, I like that alot. If it's in the brochure, it must be true. LOL

Vivien Dean

Great humor! Thanks for sharing. :)

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