Tuesday, November 29, 2011

If You Like Hugh Laurie's Piercing Blue Eyes.....

Hugh Laurie is very nerd-sexy.  He's got killer blue eyes, a deliciously hot accent, and on the rare occasion he unveils it in public, a wonderful smile.  However, he's also got a rapier wit and knows his way around a story.
Oh, you didn't know that in addition to being an actor and a musician that he's a novelist?  Yup, this Renaissance man can write!  In fact, as much as I love House, I can't wait for it to end so he can get back to writing.  This book is a hysterical spy caper that revels in its British-ness.  Think of it as James Bond, very lightened.  Laugh out loud funny.  It starts with an ex-Scots Guard being offered a job to assassinate someone.  Not only does he turn down this lucrative offer, but he goes to warn the intended victim.  Who of course has the requisite sultry daughter to be seduced.  Sarcastic, witty, and with a riveting and fast-paced international terror action packed plot, this is a MUST READ!!!!! 

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