Friday, September 26, 2014

Only $0.99 For A Hilarious Wedding Romance!

Soooo excited that Amazon knocked down the price of Planning For Love, the first book in my Aisle Bound series, to only $0.99! This book is drenched with romance and hilarious wedding hijinks, so I know you're going to want to snap it up at this bargain price. Only at Amazon!

Ivy, my uber-romantic wedding planner, wants nothing more than to find true love. And then there’s Ben, an unapologetic flirt of a cameraman with a semi-secret past. He’s allergic to love. But at least he’s upfront about it! They’ve got a handful of quirky, funny friends. Last but not least, there’s the city of Chicago itself, such an integral part of this story. It couldn’t take place anywhere else. So many beautiful wedding locations, world-class museums and a majestic lake as far as the eye can see. Oh, and I hear they’re pretty famous for their sports teams, too.  

One of the questions that authors dread in interviews is where do you get your ideas—as if there’s a magical writer’s-only store, or an idea tree you can shake. Happily, with this series, I have an answer! Nine out of ten people who learned I was a wedding planner would say you should write a book!  Then they’d launch into elaborate eye winks about bridezillas, and mother of the bride horror stories.  

Except in my experience, at least 90% of weddings are wonderful. They are a celebration of friends and family and enduring love.  Most people do pull it together and behave like grown-ups. So I didn’t want to write a scathing tell-all. But a trilogy that focuses on the wedding industry, showcasing people who spend every day creating the perfect happily ever after?  That felt like a good place to start. And maybe a few crazy real-life hijinks did slip into my manuscript.  It is a comedy, after all! You’ll have to guess which ones happened and which are just figments of my imagination…

If you like a sassy and sexy happily ever after, this is the book for you. The sale won't last for long, so grab it at Amazon today!

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