Wednesday, October 16, 2013

HUGE Announcement of a New Sale!

I'm over-the-moon thrilled to announce a new, four book sale! Here is the bare bones quote on it from the New Deals column in Publisher's Marketplace:

FRIENDS TO LOVERS author Christi Barth's new SHORE SECRETS trilogy, set in a charming lakeside town in New York State, beginning with UP TO ME, plus an unrelated novella, to Angela James at Carina Press, by Nephele Tempest at The Knight Agency.

Thrillingly professional, sure, but kind of devoid of a hook. So here are the details:

Shore Secrets welcomes you to Geneva, New York, a small town situated on the peaceful shores of Seneca Lake. Like all small towns, Geneva has its secrets, but this community entrusts theirs to the anonymous journal stored in a mailbox at the water’s edge. Over the years, the quirky residents have poured their hearts out to this book, where anyone can read about their woes, and offer sympathy or advice. But in a town this small, nothing remains anonymous for long – especially not a budding romance.

Disclaimer - nothing is set in stone yet (still frantically churning out words on book one - so don't go printing these working titles on a celebratory tee-shirt for me), but here's a tiny taste of what they're about.

Book One: Up To Me

the castle-esque hotel
A hard-nosed businessman with contempt for small town America is forever changed by the love of a sexy hotel owner and a quirky but tight-knit community famous for its anonymous journal by the shore.

Book Two: Up To You

at the Watkins Glen waterfall
When a straight-laced and sexually frustrated park ranger falls in love with a sexy professor hell-bent on exposing her darkest secret, she’s torn between a future with him or a past that must stay hidden.

Book Three: Up To Us

vineyards on Seneca Lake
When her ex-boyfriend refuses to sell her his land unless she dates him for a month, an uncompromising winemaker learns that some bargains are worth making for a second chance at love.

And that 4th book the deal notice mentioned? It is the 
Absecon lighthouse
sequel to Love at High Tide, my beach fling caper that just released in July. Yes, savvy readers might have figured out that Brad and Trina get their  own book. It isn't much of a spoiler to say you'll get to see Darcy & Coop again, too. Not on their beach, though. This book takes place in the simultaneously glamorous, seedy and romantic Atlantic City. Rebound flings are supposed to have soft landings, but one sexy cop is about to fall hard... 

If you're enjoying my Aisle Bound series, don't panic. There is still a final book in the series, A Matchless Romance, which releases on February 17, 2014. But after that, the action shifts from Chicago to the Finger Lakes region of New York. I can't wait to share them all with you!


  1. Yay you! I'm so thrilled for your success. You definitely deserve it. I see Planning for Love at my B&N and I think, "I 'know' her!" And your new series sounds absolutely fabulous. I, for one, can't wait.

  2. Very cool! Love books set near me! (I'm in Buffalo)

    Huge congrats!