Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Hilarious Wedding Romance Release!

You are cordially invited to the event of the season, the release of THIS WEDDING IS DOOMED, a continuity by Stephanie Draven, Jeannie Lin, Shawntelle Madison, and Amanda Berry. In these stories of matrimonial madness, unexpected couples find their happily ever after at a wedding that’s counting down to disaster…
Barnes and Noble: http://smarturl.it/doomed.bn
And now, for an excerpt from Stephanie Draven’s SEX, LIES AND KARMIC CATASTROPHES!

“I’ll tell you what I really think,” Blake said, tilting his head in a way that made the dark aura of mistrust around him evaporate into bright pink passion. “I really think you should let me kiss you.”

He leaned in, his handsome face coming closer and closer, until she was warmed by his minty breath. His arms wrapped around her and an instant later, she felt the familiar rush of warmth on her skin that left her helpless to do anything but yield to his mouth as it brushed against hers.

It was a soft, tender, kiss, the golden whiskers of his close-trimmed goatee tickling her face. Then the kiss deepened, charged with a giddy sexual energy that emboldened Penny to kiss back.

This kiss was nothing like the sweet kisses back in high school. This was a grown-up kiss, so intense it left her a little breathless, and sent her heart beating so fast she thought it might explode. It must have exploded, because she heard the sound. A dozen little pops that ended in a ka-boom!

Startled, Penny leapt to her feet, chilled by the cool air in the space between their bodies. “What was that?”

“Jumpy much?” he asked, touching the corner of his lip as if savoring the lingering taste of their kiss. “It sounded like champagne corks,” he said, rising to stalk toward her, his eyes still bright with lust. “It’s a wedding. This is a celebration, Penny.”

Yes, it was. He’d kissed her. He’d just kissed her. And she’d kissed him back. After all these years, they were kissing again, and it made her want to clink a crystal glass in a celebratory toast or spin around on her toes. But then she remembered that they were at someone else’s wedding…where she was the other woman.

“As best man, shouldn’t you, I dunno, be making sure everything’s okay?”

“No can do,” he said, with mock gravity.

“Why not?” He looked down at himself, to where his vest cut snugly over his dress shirt. “My bow tie is all undone and I don’t know how to tie it. Can’t let the guests see me looking slovenly.”

“C’mere,” she said with a nervous laugh, sliding her hands up to his collar and taking the ends of the black tie in hand. “I know what to do with it.”

“Oh, me too,” he said, suddenly tugging the satin free of her fingertips.

With a quick grab, Blake brought her hands together and wound the tie around her wrists—a deft move that both mesmerized her and stole her breath away.

Titillated, teased, and a tiny bit terrified, Penny asked, “What are you doing?”

“Trussing you up,” Blake said, tugging her bound hands over his neck, trapping himself in her embrace. “You don’t think I’m gonna let you get away from me as easily as I did back in high school, do you?”

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