Friday, May 23, 2014

Ava Miles New Release-A Perfect Way To Spend the Long Weekend!

My friend Ava Miles has turned into a writing machine, churning out sweet, romantic books *almost* fast enough to keep all her fans happy. Each one is better than the last, and will warm your heart. Want proof? Here's the tag line that goes with that gorgeous cover on the left: During sunset walks at the dog park, a woman with a mysterious past and a new candidate for mayor move from friends to lovers until her secret threatens to unravel his campaign and their love.

Jane Wilcox has a secret. She’s been the incognito poker scout to a rock star poker player dressed as a smoking hot poker babe. Now that role is over, and she’s living in small town Dare Valley, working as a dog walker—or so everyone thinks. Without her Jimmy Choo heels and Prada gowns, she’s trying to find her new sexy Inner Swan and a fairytale romance, but she’s afraid she might have turned back into “Plain Jane” until she meets Matt Hale in the dog park. 

The sexy lawyer has a rambunctious dog that needs her Dog Whisperer skills and slowly they move from friends to lovers. Matt is one of the good guys, a hero, totally boy-next-door material. He’s returned to his hometown after experiencing a tragedy. He was unable to find justice for the woman in his last legal case, and now she’s passed away and given him her dog. He’s vowed to give Henry a good home and right the wrongs in the system, so he’s running for mayor of Dare Valley.

Jane and Matt fall in love during sunset walks in the dog park, but soon Jane’s secret past comes back to haunt her and harms Matt’s bid for mayor. Can Jane and Matt’s love survive the controversy? 

And don't miss the opportunity to scoop up the first book in the series, Nora Roberts Land, for free for a limited time! Amazon:

Here's a snippet to get you started:

She smiled as she watched Rufus and Annie walk together in tandem. A true gentleman, Rufus walked slower so Annie, who was much smaller, could keep up. Training them to work together had been easy. All she’d needed to do was what she did with poker. Read books. Studied tape. Observed other players.
A man who was walking toward them stopped so his German shepherd could sniff a bush, and a huge wind gust suddenly crested across the park. Jane braced herself by planting her feet wider and watched in horror as the man’s hair blew off like the wind had scalped him.
What the… Oh my God!
His hair trailed over the snow like sagebrush as the wind continued to gust. He cursed and dropped the leash, running for that brown nest.
And then the man’s dog gave chase.
Jane had to bite her lip to keep herself from laughing out loud. Should she help…catch his hair?
The dog beat the bald man to the toupee and clamped it between his molars. The man tugged on it. Jane almost cried out, “don’t!” because the dog did exactly as she’d expected. It thought the hair tugging was a game. And since he wasn’t leashed, the dog had extra freedom. He ran toward the parking lot with the man’s hair, the owner yelling and giving chase.
Her shoulders started to shake, and she could feel laughter bubbling up. Desperate to hold it in until the owner was out of hearing range, she put one hand to her stomach and watched him. He’d made it all the way to the cars, swearing a blue streak.
Far enough.
She let out a bellowing laugh, which slowly trickled into some serious giggling.
Matthew Hale craned his neck to look at her from where he’d frozen on the path, watching the same thing. Henry was barking, and it almost sounded as if he were laughing too. There was a half smile on Matthew’s face, like he was fighting his own mirth. Their eyes met, and then Henry raced around him with the leash.
“Dammit, Henry!” he called, trying to untangle the red leash in his hand. The dog raced around him again, and the leash went taut around Matthew’s legs.
And just like that, he fell like a tree struck by lightning. Right in front of her. Henry licked his face, and Matthew shoved him away.
“Get away, you cretin.”
Henry couldn’t go anywhere with the leash so taut, so he started to crawl over his owner.
“Need some help?” Jane asked, still laughing as she and the dogs approached them, secretly delighted she finally had a chance to talk to him. “You look like a damsel in distress.”

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