Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Please Vote to Make Me March's Book of the Month!

Super exciting - A Matchless Romance is up for the March Book of the Month at the TBR Pile! How did this happen? Well, they gave it a rave review, and now you all can vote to move me to the top of the pile! Just go to and vote on the right side of the page. Thanks in advance - so much - for your help!

Want to see their 5 star, must-read rave review, so you feel justified in voting? Here you go:

It’s been a long time since I adored a story as much as I did, a Matchless  Romance. Full of endearing characters with  layers like sponge cake, decadent, rich, and completely satisfying. This story will fulfill are your romance needs. Ms. Barth wrote an intelligent, wit filled, humorous love story I couldn’t put down! Tabitha is the type of heroine I could get behind. In control of her own life, passionate, intelligent, and giving, the type of woman we all aspire to be. Despite having it together on her surface, she has a surprising past that surfaces later and catches you unaware. The twist is one of many in the book that really make it unique. From the moment Tabitha is practically run over by Drew, a hopelessly awkward, logical, sexy, and fit video game designer, their chemistry vibrates right off the page. In trouble with his boss because his interaction with women is less than stellar, and has run off potential clients, Drew is in desperate in need of help. So running into Tabitha, who happens to be a matchmaker seems like fate. He convinces her to take him on and polish his rough edges. But there’s one major problem, their attraction to one another. The pull between them is unstoppable , and it’s like watching a ticking time bomb as they maneuver their way toward d-day, his meeting with potential investors.  God, I can’t gush enough about Drew. I enjoyed seeing him get himself in to scrapes Tabitha, and his geek charm allowed him to slid out of by the skin of his teeth. 

Entertaining, exciting, and sweet this is a great read for romance readers of all genres, but especially those like me who have a soft spot for geeks. I actually worked for a video game company before, and I have to say, Ms. Barth got the environment spot on. While there isn't an abundance of sex or a lava like heat quality, the meaning behind it trumps any explicitness she could’ve added, but didn’t need. I highly recommend this one.

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