Sunday, October 28, 2012

Six Sentences That Lead To Sex

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday! There's one heck of a storm barrelling up the East Coast. So I'm going to do my part to raise your temperature a little bit. Planning for Love, the first book in my Chicago wedding Aisle Bound series starts with a hook-up pretty early on in the story. My hero, Ben attempts to talk Ivy into coming up to his hotel room. Read this--and see if you think he was successful....

“Sweet talker.”

“Tell me you’re not interested. Tell me you don’t want to slide between the sheets, skin to skin with me, and I’ll order you that drink. We’ll chat about whatever you want, and go our separate ways.” Her mouth opened slowly, but before she could form words, he continued in the same, matter of fact tone. “Or I could make your panties—which I’m betting match your dress—damp in less than five minutes.”