Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Gripping, Can't-Miss Read!

My book club meets once a month.  Those of us who are speedy readers generally wait til the last week to read the book, so it is fresh in our minds.  Except this month, my friend told me she'd finished the latest pick one day after we chose it.  I figured she had lots of time on her hands.  But when I picked it up from the library, even though I have a massive word count goal breathing down my neck, I couldn't stop either.  This book demands to be read, nay, devoured, as quickly as possible.  Sort of like the driving need to scarf down a juicy hamburger the moment it comes off the barbeque.
Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson is one of the most gripping books I've ever read.  The premise seems to be a common, very current trope - that of amnesia.  Except this twist is different.  The heroine forgets everything that happened in the past 20 years every time she falls asleep.  Imagine waking up, thinking that you're 25, but looking in the mirror in horror at a middle aged woman.  Waking up next to a man you don't know, a man who has to tell you the story of the mysterious accident that robbed you of your memory every day. 

Then imagine you start keeping a journal to 'create' a memory - and you discover that man, your...husband?...can't be trusted.  And maybe your amnesia doesn't really stem from a car accident.  What else might he be keeping from you, and what will happen if the memories do come back?  This book begins as a taut psychological thriller, and then takes a turn into full on suspense.  I can't rave about it enough - hurry up and go read it!

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