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Six Sentence Sunday!

I'm going all the way back to my first book, Carolina Heat for today's six.  Annabelle and Mark have abandoned their super-fancy high tea in a historic hotel to smooch.  While this isn't a first kiss, it is a kiss before the first time they make love.  And they're more than ready to get to the good stuff!

Not just a kiss, but the steamiest, deepest, wettest, lustiest kiss of Annabelle’s life.  She pulled back from him just enough to yank his shirt over his head.

“Why haven’t you ever kissed me like that before?”

“Too dangerous,” he replied seriously.  “A kiss like that has serious ramifications.  The most serious being if I don’t get my hands on your naked body in the next two minutes, my head may explode.” 


Jasmine Aherne

Love that last line!!

Paula Martin

LOVE this! His last line says it all.

Dee Carney

LOL. I like him!

Laura Kaye

Sweet, funny and hot! Love it!

Love this! Always love your humor Christi, and damn, now I have to add this to my TBR...

Hey, FYI, just clicked on this book in the sidebar to order, and it says it's out of print?

Magda Alexander

Hot and funny! My favorite kind of snippet. Great job!

Krystal Wade

That's one hell of a kiss! :-)

Vivien Dean

Is he sure it's his head? ;) Thanks for sharing!

E. Jamie

Well then, we wouldn't want that now, would we? (laughs) Awesome six!

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