Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Shifter Release!

If you like sexy shifters, you'll love this next book in Laura Welling's The Cursed Pack series.

She’s a hero, haunted by her past.

Novie helped save the Alpha’s family from the Big Sky Pack’s enemies, but the cost tore her soul. Now, she’s haunted by the memories of her friends’ deaths. To hide the fact she’s losing her mind, she moves to the outskirts of the Pack’s territory, with only her music and ghosts for company.

Kyle is the Pack’s newest lieutenant, and it’s his job to check on remote wolf families. Intrigued by Novie, he tries to learn her secrets, but she keeps them under ice.
When Novie and Kyle are trapped together in a blizzard, her nightmares turn to reality. Can she trust again, or is her heart frozen as the depth of a Montana winter?

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Kyle Dixon cursed under his breath as he pulled up outside the old hunting lodge. As the Big Sky Pack's newest lieutenant, it was his job to check in on all the remote pack families. He might have been new to Montana, and new to this pack, but this job was the same one it had been back in Alberta. And it was babysitting. Glorified babysitting.

They were werewolves, for Pete's sake. Even if it was the middle of winter, they could take care of themselves. Almost all of his visits were to large families. They didn’t need him. He'd spent the last three days turning up as the Alpha's appointed messenger, asking if there were any problems, and then getting in the way.
Sure, it was a good way to meet people. In his old pack, he'd known everybody. Or more to the point, everyone had known him, as the youngest son of the pack Alpha. He was always watched over, always in trouble, and as a result, he liked his privacy. If some random visitor kept showing up at his doorstep, he'd be irritated.
At least this was the last stop on his tour. It was also the furthest from Dash's ranch, and he'd have a long, cold drive back tonight. The sky hung heavy with snow, so he'd have to be quick to beat the weather.
He checked the name on his list. There was only one wolf at this address, a lone female, one Novie Starr. Quite a name. Gods knew it was unnatural for wolves to live alone, so there had to be a reason she was all the way out here. Hopefully she wasn't too crazy.
Kyle put on his cowboy hat, shrugged into his red and black wool coat, and swung down out of the truck. For all he was further south than his old home, it was still cold as hell-frozen-over down here.
The hunting lodge was an old log cabin, surrounded by a covered porch, which was probably really nice in the summertime. Not so much now though. He sauntered up the front steps and knocked on the door.
To his immediate left, he heard the unmistakable, solid, cha-chick of a shotgun being cocked. Kyle froze.
“Hands in the air,” a quiet female voice said.
He obeyed. It wasn’t as if he had a choice. The owner of the shotgun, and the voice, stepped into his field of vision. She held the gun pointed at his chest. Kyle forced himself to look past the weapon to the woman holding it.
Novie Starr, he assumed. She was beautiful.
Her milky skin almost glowed, surrounded by thick dark hair that cascaded over the shoulders of her canvas barn coat. Her ruby lips, worthy of any Disney princess, were set in a hard, determined line. But those blue eyes, pale blue eyes, like an angel come to earth, wouldn’t meet his. She kept her gaze trained on his chest.
The lowered gaze told him she was a submissive wolf. So why was she pointing a gun at him?
“What’s your business here?” she asked.
Keeping his hands in the air, and his body still as he could make it, Kyle responded, “The Alpha sent me to check on you. I’m the new lieutenant, Kyle Dixon. I’d offer to shake hands, but…” He smiled, knowing the power of his white teeth and dimpled chin charmed women all over. She might have a gun pointed at him, but he was confident he could talk his way out of this. And she was a pack member. She wouldn’t shoot him.
He hoped.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

#MySexySaturday Rock Star Romance Snippet!

The theme for this week's #MySexySaturday is a sexy encounter - which fits perfectly for the out-of-the-blue way my H/H meet in The Opposite of Right. Nothing says 'encounter' like a hallway hookup with a total stranger, right? Especially when the stranger turns out to be the rock star of her dreams....

“Hi. I think you’re hot. I’ve had a really lousy day, and I think kissing you would make it better.”
Silence—or what passed for silence in a crowded club at almost ten p.m.—hung between them just long enough for Kylie to decide she’d made a horrible mistake. She was only wearing jeans, not anything sexy. This guy was waiting for a bathroom to open up. Maybe he needed to pee more than he needed to be sexually accosted by a stranger. She tried to squint past the bright halo obscuring his face to figure out if he was smiling or shocked or just dismissive.
“Let’s find out,” he finally said in a good-natured tone.
Wow. That was easy. Except…asking him was only step one of her first bad decision. Implementing step two was something else entirely. Kylie had no idea how to start. Should she wait until after the bathroom? Go straight for the lips? Or kick things off with an introductory neck nibble? And where to put her hands?
The man snaked out an arm around her waist, pulling her close enough that the buttons on their jeans clinked. Kylie stumbled, which ended up putting one of his legs between hers. Both hands flew up to rest on those taut pecs. “Hi,” he breathed softly against her ear.
Oh. That was nice of him. The polite hi was all it took to spur her into action. Kylie pushed onto her tiptoes, turned her head sideways and aimed for his lips. She almost missed. Got the corner and some sharp stubble.

But this guy knew his stuff. He caught her lower lip with his upper, tugged her into place. And then he nibbled. Just soft, short nibbles. Ones that made all the hair on her arms stand up. His tongue traced the crease between her lips. Kylie parted them on a sigh, but he didn’t push the advantage. Instead, he just kept up the teasing, back-and-forth motion. 
If that put some sexy in your Saturday, please be sure to check out all the other blogs participating in #MySexySaturday. And if you want to see what else happens between Kylie & her rock star, download The Opposite of RightOrder at: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo

Kylie Stafford has spent her whole life doing exactly what’s expected. The right major, the right sorority, the right guys, just like her mother and her sister before her. But when everything falls apart for her, Kylie wonders if doing everything right has been utterly wrong. There’s only one way to find out. 

She decides to try making all the wrong choices for three months. Hit on a tattoo-covered rock musician? Check. Go back to his dressing room for a hot hook-up against the wall? Gulp. Drop everything to be a roadie for him to binge on more of the best sex of her life? Maybe. Start falling for him despite her better judgment? Um….yeah. Figure out why doing everything that seems wrong feels so darn right?